Wooly Woolybear

Wooly Woolybear is a personal children's book project authored and illustrated by me, showcasing the adventure Wooly Woolybear takes to reach a home because Wooly had been feeling lonely by himself.
Wooly is a woolly bear caterpillar, the fuzzy copper red and black striped caterpillars that show up after winter. When I first saw this caterpillar, I was really interested because I'd never seen this caterpillar species before. It was easy to research it and learn more about it. These little caterpillars are known to predict the winter coming. A wide red band means a mild winter, while a short band and more black colouring could spell a tough winter. This caterpillar transforms into the isabella tiger moth.

Wooly is looking for some water and stumbles upon a cave

And stumbles upon some glow worms dancing and singing!

This project is my first real success in painting not only characters but also lush backgrounds. It was also a great challenge to determine how to draw a caterpillar, with no mouth, feet or legs, in interesting and dynamic ways. Most artists add characters with some appendage but I think it's good to move the brain and design a character that doesn't have much to work with yet can do so much (traveling around the world).

Contact me for a physical copy of the book and more information!