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Huion Kamvas Pro
Computer built by me
AS Rock ABM350
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
16 GB Crucial RAM - Crucial m.2 SSD, Crucial 1 TB SSD

Games, sewing, gardening, Gnosticism, reading

Meanness, conventionalism

I've been drawing since I was about 3 years old. It's in my blood, as the arts, crafts and music has been passed down on both sides of my family. My great-grandfather was Donn P. Crane (the I), one of the earliest American fantasy illustrators in the country. He was a prolific illustrator, illustrating for many books, post cards, commercial material and more. He enjoyed the scenery of the Southwest, living in New Mexico for some time and some of his later art captures the local people of those areas. Even though I never had a chance to meet him, I'm following in his footsteps. There's really no better joy than to draw and create worlds with the drawings. You can see that in my The Fairy Penguinos project.

Donn P. Crane I, in his studio

The Fairy Penguinos is part of a larger, expansive project of mine which is a space opera setting, Story of the Space Clusters. Creating imaginative worlds is my best skill. People write books, sing songs or make games to describe their worlds, but I use drawings to make mine come to life. Drawing comes naturally to me. I have worked hard to have the skill I do with my artwork and am grateful I can freely draw what I want. I continue to work hard, primarily focusing on video and animation work now but I still do plenty of illustrating as part of this. Check out my project page for more or to contact me if you have any feedback or would like to work with me.

Favourite Programs

Adobe After Effects is one of the most challenging but rewarding video software. I like that it keeps me thinking constantly, to know that I have these animations and effects taking place while I am considering new animations and need to make it all flow together for a good, smooth video. It takes up a lot of CPU just running it, at least on my PC, but it's powerful. I learn something new every time I use AE.