These are the major projects I have worked on.
Click the title for more in-depth information on each project.

2019 to present
A story of three space voyaging Fairy Penguinos living on New Zealand, finding a way to return back to their home in the Whirlpool Galaxy after their research mission to Earth.

2022 to present
Based on Fairy Penguinos. Models used for updates and informative videos about the Fairy Penguinos series. Models rigged in Live2D and use of VTuber Studio and StreamLabs/OBS Studio + DaVince Resolve + Adobe AfterEffects to produce full videos. 

Project of an animated title intro worked on for a Vortex Productions TV series pilot titled Redneck Games.

Lil 'P's Dance Exercise 

Frame by frame dynamic and action animation of the Fairy Penguinos characters performing an exercise and dance routine with colorful space backgrounds, animations and effects. 

Creating and drawing unique NFTs for clients and for the Fairy Penguinos project. Quality over quantity. 

A children's book written by Maureen Fackenthal to teach children how to take care of sea turtles and to learn how to be stewards for the environment.

A story about a woollybear caterpillar finding a new home, traveling far away. Written and illustrated by ACE Illust. 

Anatomically accurate facial surgical illustrations for research journals requested by medical residents