Animating in a one-individual team is time consuming. While you're animating full scenes, VTuber models can provide instant updates and content that builds your characters and the story surrounding them available to your followers so they get a dose of unique and original content to keep coming back for more! More importantly, it's fun to use face tracking software in VTuber Studio to make a rigged character come to life instantly.

I've been using Live2D Cubism to create my Fairy Penguino models and build the story of the Fairy Penguinos and the character of Lil 'P (the rest of the characters are in the works) in a different way from the longer animated episodes. The background behind the story can be referenced side by side with the episodes. Lil 'P is able to narrate the story from Lil 'P's perspective and fans can be immersed and connected into the world of The Fairy Penguinos in an even more personal way.

Preview of Lil 'P's various models

Rigging 2D Models

Fairy Penguinos Models

Rigging animated, cute and smooth characters with fluid movements has been easy. Changes to the characters models can be made easily. For example, adding new clothing to the character model, Lil 'P, is just making new layers with the additions in the existing .psd file and re-importing into Live2D. So, for seasonal updates, Lil 'P can really display Lil 'P's personality and everyone can see how much Lil 'P loves to dress up for events like Halloween, Christmas and other holidays!

Texture atlas preview of Lil 'P

Halloween model of Lil 'P (Peecula)