Promo art from Episode 1: Weather or Not

The Fairy Penguinos

The Fairy Penguinos is a current ongoing project. Since 2019, I have been building the world and story by animating episodes and managing the website which serves as a wiki/official page.

This cute animated series tells the daily life of creatures called Fairy Penguinos living in the Southern Island of New Zealand. An underlying story among their earthly shenanigans is the fact that they have to get off of Earth and get back on the Mothership! But the Mothership hasn't sent any signals, so it's up to the Fairy Penguinos of the Southern Hemisphere to figure out a way to get into space and locate the Mothership to get back to journeying throughout the universe. (Excerpt from the official website)

As of this writing, there are seven total episodes, five of the regular The Fairy Penguinos series (Season 1) and three of The Fairy Penguinos of the Round series, which a third episode is in the works.
To read more on The Fairy Penguinos, check out the official website!

Main Characters

Lil 'P

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Lil ‘P is a Fairy Penguino who lives in the Fairy Penguino Tribe of New Zealand. Lil ‘P is part of the Builder Tribe, where they are responsible of the general upkeep and maintenance of the entire Fairy Penguino Tribe.


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Luther is from the Joker Tribe, a tribe that is great at being hosts and providing fun entertainment and activities for all Fairy Penguinos. They are particular good at hosting light shows and turning light on and off with just the power of their magickal minds, charged up.


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Bell is a Fairy Penguino who lives in the Fairy Penguino Tribe of New Zealand. Bell is from the Magick Tribe, who are known to be the strongest wielders of magick and can even remote view if they are blessed with further magickal power.

Cruiser Ship in Space render by ACE Illust.

Fairy Penguinos of the Round

A new side series was created in mid-2021, The Fairy Penguinos of the Round. It's based off playing too many RPG games and thinking what classes Lil 'P, Bell and Luther would be!! It turns out Lil 'P is Sir P, a knight, Bell is a sorcerer, and Luther's a jester.
The story prequels the story in the original series. The trio were in their cruiser ship, just traversing the solar system when they came across a wormhole or void of some sort and were sucked into a different dimension - a fantasy world plagued with evil monsters. The void and darkness is what has been encroaching their solar system too as well as other alien neighbors worlds. The trio learn through this that the void is moving in strange ways. Not only do they need to get back home, but they need to get rid of this void hurting the land! They end up in the Town of Anemone, living in a library, but need to find work to start their ultimate quest.

Project Impact

The Fairy Penguinos project is a massive, but highly enjoyable, undertaking, since I am a one-individual team. The only item I don't work on, but do play around with a little, is the music, produced by Nova Casanova. Essentially, the Fairy Penguinos showcases my talents in all pertinent areas: storyboarding (behind the scenes), character creation, storytelling, world building, voice acting, sci-fi and fantasy creation, video editing, special effects video, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AE, Adobe PS, Krita, hand-drawn animation (frame by frame), motion design, video directing (animation). The list goes on. The project has made me well-rounded in several key areas: video editing, animating, story building and most importantly, project management and time management. Bonus points to my pacing skills as well. Negative pacing is curtailed by proper organization of the project. Large projects like this require disciplined organizational skills. As I am the sole creator, it's a challenge but really rewarding every time an episode is done and I add to the story for my audience.

The audience for The Fairy Penguinos is young children, but due to the nature of it being a space opera, this audience level expands to all age levels. There is teaching of science, culture, society and arts in The Fairy Penguinos, so it's a great series for young children, but the messaging is universal and many adolescents and adults have enjoyed The Fairy Penguinos. The Penguinos are an alien species, but with each main character's personality, they're very relatable because they have strengths and weaknesses that they work together as a community to solve and better their society for, just like the "humeens".

The ultimate goal of The Fairy Penguinos is to inspire generations of people from all decades and to create a better world by following the examples of a peaceful, highly intelligent and technologically advanced culture (The Fairy Penguinos) so we too can achieve a better world and future worlds for the inhabitants of Earth (humans and animals). The future of The Fairy Penguinos is for more episodes and accessing wider audience enjoyment. Merchandise is also in the works.