Promo poster art

Redneck Games Title Anim.

A series directed and written by R.H. Elkhatib and a Vortex Production.
"A shyster lawyer uses three redneck brothers as pawns in an elaborate scheme to inherit an elderly billionaires fortune." -IMDB

In this project, I created a 1 minute~ intro title animation made up of the characters' graphics from the promo poster using a mixture of programs and techniques: Adobe After Effects (video, special effects and motion graphics), Krita (frame by frame animation), PaintTool SAI and Photoshop (artwork for the frames).

Storyboard preview pg 3

Storyboard preview pg 5


Cutouts of characters

"Puppetable Paper Dolls"

This animation project was a little challenging as the only asset I was able to work with was the artwork from the promo poster. Additionally, the goal was to make them look like puppets anyways, so the paper doll appearance would help.
Solution: Turning individual art from poster into puppetable paper dolls, as well as drawing frames from scratch of some body movements, mimicking the promo poster artist's painting style.
Movable parts such as heads, hands and objects were separated and placed in their own layers. During the video production process, layer manipulation and rotoscope tool in After Effects was utilized so the movable parts would sometimes be hidden and sometimes pop up smoothly during transitions.

Right: In the animation of the secretary using the scissors to snip the main character's puppet strings, the puppet pins were also used. The scissors were separated in half, so I was afforded more freedom in creating the scissor cut effect which works nicely in the finished animation.

Motion Graphics

Puppet Pins

Left: Instead of drawing individual frames of this character falling down and standing back up, After Effect's puppet pins were useful and time saving. The character's body isn't extraordinarily deformed by the pins as there was careful and strategic placement of the pins.

Left: Motion graphics for objects that constantly need to be animated was utilized, as in this case it would create a smooth look and continue to emphasize a puppet cutout aesthetic rather than a frame-by-frame wheel and smoke animation. The wheels are child to the parent, which is the body of the car. This way, the wheels only rotate when the car moves and they don't need to be individually animated. The car is the only object with key frames.
The smoke from the car is entirely made up of circles and precomposed as its own animation. It has two layers to give a little depth (not too much), but it still retains the 2D appearance.