Mama Turtle Baby Turtle

Mama Turtle Baby Turtle is an educational children's book, written by Maureen Fackenthall, about the birth of sea turtles and teaches children the importance of keeping sea turtle nests safe and protected for the overall health of the sea turtle species and environment as a whole.

I had a chance to illustrate this great children's book, as well as the cover, which is my favourite illustration I did. It makes the book friendly for the reader but also interested because they'd like to know more about this little turtle that hatched from such a snowy white egg in the sand. The best part of illustrating this book wasn't just illustrating the pictures, but researching the life of sea turtles and learning how to paint them in a realistic but cute way that shows their character. I also learned a lot about sea turtles in this project from reading the book!

The book is available for purchase, digitally and physically, on Amazon.