Past Experience

Art Contractor and Technology Specialist for Arclava Music
February 2017 - February 2018, January 2019 - Present

-Planned and initiated marketing design for successful social media public release

-Designed album covers and illustrations for a variety of media such as 4-panel digipak

-Responsible for creating and designing the company logo

-Streamlined operations at Arclava Music by resolving computer hardware and software issues.

-Diagnosed and repaired faulty components, configured new hardware installations, and optimized system performance through BIOS adjustments. Resulted in improved studio uptime and enhanced productivity for music production.

-Currently providing digital art services and technology guidance and help remotely, on and off, when required.

Mama Turtle Baby Turtle
Maureen Fackenthal
October - November 2020

-Collaborated closely with author to illustrate and design this commercially released short storybook for young readers. Executed art direction through storyboard sketches and key communication, ensuring a successful release and captivating visuals.

-Designed a visually compelling cover for "Mama Turtle Baby Turtle" that drew readers in and reflected the story's essence

Full-time Transcriptionist and Quality Checker
October 2018 - May 2022

-Achieved consistently high typing speeds of 90-121 WPM, enabling efficient text transcription and document completion

-Transcribed over 60,000 minutes of diverse audio, including challenging focus groups, with exceptional accuracy.

-Ensured accuracy and compliance with strict company guidelines by comprehensively reviewing the work of fellow transcriptionists.

-Extensive experience transcribing diverse audio types, including medical, corporate, financial, and challenging focus groups with heavy conversation and crosstalk.

Goldfish (Poetry Book)
Michael Farnsworth
September 2020

-Brought a children's poetry book to life through dynamic, whimsical illustrations and collaborative art direction. 

-Remotely envisioned and executed illustrations that complemented the playful tone and emotional depth of the poems.

-Maintained close communication with the author throughout the creative process, ensuring a cohesive vision and offering insightful suggestions for both the artwork and written word.

Volunteer Book Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Just Be A Child (Charity organization)
Spring - Summer 2018

-Volunteered with this UK charity, designing social media marketing graphics and illustrating a children's book anthology featuring stories written by Kenyan children 

-Effectively communicated with author and charity leader to understand project needs and deliver impactful artistic designs for public materials

Medical Illustrations
SUNY Upstate Medical University
May - July 2017, August - September 2018

-Created over 10 medically accurate illustrations of facial injuries for SUNY Upstate Medical University residents, aiding their learning and understanding

-Effectively translated residents' project requests into educational illustrations, requiring comprehensive research and adherence to medical accuracy 

-Illustrations published in academic journals, serving as valuable supplements to medical research


The Fairy Penguinos Project Director and Creator
ACE Illust.
March 2019 - Present

-Responsible from start to finish of each video episode - storyboards, character design, background art, vector art and renders, story and world-building, musical direction, voice acting, video editing and video production

-Provide voice acting and video editing expertise, breathing life into narratives and ensuring seamless production from start to finish

-Manage the YouTube channel, ensuring visual cohesiveness through thumbnail creation, video descriptions, and consistent scheduling 

-Manage social media presence on Reddit, Instagram, and BlueSky, engaging with fans and fostering vibrant online communities

-Tasked with running the official website, updating it often with new art, lore building and progress updates

-Manage weekly social media posts through Reddit, Instagram, BlueSky and communicate with fans

-Development of NFTs relating to the Fairy Penguino NFT collections; researching NFT creation and utilizing this new technology, necessitating up-to-date familiarity with crypto trends

- VTuber model rigging and video production, creating and publishing engaging VTuber content while staying current with the latest software and techniques

-Episode 5: Contact received two finalist awards from the Tokyo International Short Film Festival and New York Tri-State International Film Festival during Summer 2021

Intro Opening Animator for Redneck Games
Vortex Productions LLC
February 2022 - July 2022

-Created storyboards based on a written script outlined by the director

-Transformed a single painted poster image into animated puppet characters using Adobe After Effects, creating the opening intro for a short project

-Utilization of Adobe After Effect’s puppet tool in various shots

-Created additional assets and animated backgrounds to enrich the narrative and visual experience 

-Responsible for promptly informing the client of updates and changes, and sending files and videos via Google Drive, YouTube and other file-sharing networks the client was familiar with 

-Demonstrated knowledge of video codes and rendering of video in client’s preferred output using Adobe Media Encoder and Adobe After Effect’s rendering tool